Labor & Employment Law

Dalla Hammond represents employers of all sizes and specializes in providing counseling, training, arbitration, mediation, and litigation services relating to numerous issues facing Colorado employers, including:

     ·   Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints based on sex, pregnancy, age, disability,          race, national origin, and religion

     ·   Wage and hour compliance

     ·   Discipline and discharge

     ·   Disability, medical, and family leave issues

     ·   Compliance with Colorado’s marijuana laws

     ·   Drug testing policies and procedures

     ·   Management and employee training on sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and hour          compliance, and numerous other employment issues

     ·   Employee handbook development and review

     ·   On-site workplace investigations

     ·   Executive, employee, and independent contractor agreements

     ·   Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

     ·   Trade secret and non-disclosure agreements

     ·   Severance agreements

     ·   Reductions in force

By providing timely guidance and recommendations on day-to-day employment issues as they arise, we collaborate with our clients to ensure the best practices and procedures are in place to minimize liability risks and protect the client’s reputation and business interests. We also counsel our clients to be proactive rather than reactive and encourage early intervention at the first sign of a problem to help avoid costly litigation and the resulting distraction from the company’s business goals.

When disputes arise, we vigorously defend our clients in administrative proceedings, including charges of discrimination or retaliation filed with the EEOC or Colorado Civil Rights Division, complaints filed with the state or federal Department of Labor, audits and investigations brought by state or federal government agencies, and lawsuits filed in state or federal court.

If you have questions about Dalla Hammond’s Labor & Employment Law practice, please contact Chris Hammond at (720) 408-1600, or